Handbook of Harmonic Analysis ~~~ Table of Contents

Chapter                                                                                                          Page


I               Introduction                                                                                         1


II              Diatonic Functions                                                                              8  

                       Scales and Tonality

                       Harmonic Functions

                       Substitute Functions


III              Simple Secondary Functions                                                             29

                       Functional and Non-functional Chromaticism 

                       Pivot Chords

IV              Functions of the Minor                                                                      40

                       Major-minor Interchangeability

                       Augmented Sixth and other Chromatic Chords


V               Extended Tonicization                                                                      56

                       Added Levels of Tonic Function

                       Pivotal Tonics

                       Control Tonics


VI              Alternating Progressions and Indirect Relationships                        71

                       Simultaneous Functions


VII             Modulation                                                                                       88

                       Movements of Basic Tonics


VIII            Summary of Procedures                                                                  102

                       Six General Steps


IX              The Complete Musical Movement: Mozart                                     107


X               The Complete Musical Movement: Wagner                                    129


XI              Tonal Dissolution: Conclusion                                                       149